Female Impact

Making a Mark

Studies clearly show that the involvement of women in leadership teams is beneficial to the sustainable growth of companies: according to a 2018 BCG study, female-founded startups generate more than twice the revenues per invested dollar in comparison to companies founded by purely male teams. Showing a more revenue-oriented and thus more sustainable growth mindset, it is clear that women become a crucial asset in a company’s development in the post-startup growth stages.

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Fighting Spirit

Not just for boys.

Women in leadership teams have significant impact on driving sustainable profits and operational excellence.

scale up Women

The scale up Women are an initiative, a community, an attitude.

Scale up Women share the attitude of deserved successs and recognition: it should simply not matter if the best plan was initiated by a woman or a man.

We are united by a deep passion for what we do, no matter whether it’s at the workplace or at home. We know that the work we do is at least as valuable as a man’s.

We know that we are highly privileged: we have brains, an education, opportunities, careers. Yet it bothers us that equality is still not common sense and that rules are often made by men: we are deeply convinced that in both the workplace and in society, it should simply not matter if you are a woman or a man.

Many of us struggle with the term feminism: we were brought up to think of feminists as frustrated fanatics. But who says that feminism can not be fun?

#scaleupwomen #newfeminism #fiercebutfun

Real Women

Real Role Models

We give visibility to women driving exponential value for all of their stakeholders


New Feminism

A Network of Peers

In a monthly Jour Fixe, the scale up Women discuss a variety of topics from personal branding and professional development to individual challenges.

Our network is built on trust and respect: we value each other’s expertise and appreciate that all of us are highly involved professionals. We help each other, but we do not neglect or undervalue ourselves.


Anna Michel, Scale up Partner
Nina Müller, COO Expertcloud
Antonia hammer, coo share
Hillevi Lausten, COO DCMN
Claudia Nagel, Founder Highrise Ventures
Simone Schmitt-Schillig, Founder Unequity
Stephanie Hellstedt, Founder Albamy
Julia Gebert, Founder Rysta
Katja Gross, CEO DroidCon
Bianca Mack, Executive Director Motion Picture Oddity Waves
Maria Lindinger, Scale up Coach
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